Illustrator: Create Outlines


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On Illustrator you have the option to create type into outlines.

1. How To

Select the Text, click Type, and then Create Outlines.

2. Why?

If someone does not have the font you used in their library, when they open the file it will not show up. Instead it will show up in a different font that is in their library. This is huge, because you don’t want someone to open your file or print it and it be in a different font. So the whole point of creating it in outlines is to make sure it looks how it does on your computer.

3. Include Font Names Outside Artboard

So this is my only issue with using stock designs. All of the fonts are saved in outlines and there’s no way for me to know what font they used. So what I like to do is include the name of the fonts, so if I were to ever send it to another designer who doesn’t have the fonts in their library, they would be able to know which fonts I used and download them.

*Use the image for this post as a reference on what to do.

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