Achieving Name Recognition


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It seems obvious that being well-known is essential to having a successful business. Getting to that point is much easier said than done however. It is a continuous effort to not only broaden your audience but also carefully maintain your public image and reputation. Great companies are great because they provide exceptional service consistently. When someone sees a design associated with a particular business, they may immediately remember any number of positives about the company. It’s just like seeing the roadsign for your favorite restaurant and recalling your favorite dish there.


Another facet to achieving greater name recognition is to increase your exposure in the public space. Coca Cola has achieved this through nearly every avenue available; TV, radio, billboards, product placement, public events, sponsorships, and several others. Today, Coca Cola is the largest, most beloved, and most recognized soda company worldwide. Not only have they effectively utilized various means of advertising, they have also revised their image over the years to keep up with current trends and continuously refresh their appeal to consumers. Updating the look every so often helps to maintain a sort of freshness that can attract new customers and catch the interest of former ones. It shows that the company is active and cares about their image, not just a static business content with their profits and position.


The most well-known companies are generally the leaders of their industries. Apple and Samsung, Ford and Chevrolet, McDonald’s and Burger King, and so on. Having an iconic design or name can be either a blessing or a curse when it comes to association. Being so memorable means that the negative experiences stick with people just as well as the positive ones. Some people may love going to a restaurant because they have received better service far more consistently than those who vow to never return. Others may see the name and only remember the time they had hot coffee spilled on their new outfit or gotten sick from eating some undercooked meal. This is why it is so important to make every effort to provide the best and most consistent service to the consumers.


Being noticed is essential to having a successful business, but notice and exposure alone will not do the trick. The recognition must go hand-in-hand with high quality products and service that consumers are satisfied and pleased with. It’s not just a tagline at the end of a commercial that says “customer satisfaction is our top priority”. It is a constant and ongoing effort to be an exceptional business that customers are happy to use.

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