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Small details are easy to overlook and often go unnoticed. The small scratches and nicks on an object are commonplace and add character to the piece. Without them, the object could look slightly off or out of place. A texture on an object can be the result of any number of processes and elements it […]


Achieving Name Recognition

It seems obvious that being well-known is essential to having a successful business. Getting to that point is much easier said than done however. It is a continuous effort to not only broaden your audience but also carefully maintain your public image and reputation. Great companies are great because they provide exceptional service consistently. When […]



Often times the most memorable designs are some of the simplest. Take for example McDonald’s golden arches, Target’s target, or Apple’s apple. All of their logos communicate the company’s identity efficiently and immediately while being as simple as possible. In design, simplicity is king when it comes to fast recognition. A complex logo that’s viewed […]

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Healthy Work Environment

Working on your own is very different than working in an office space, and it comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Many of these advantages and disadvantages can be created or avoided, and it’s entirely up to you. Since you control your own work environment, everything is dependent on your decisions. You can make […]


Conveying Your Message

Designs will often represent a product, event, or service. It’s incredibly important that the design is consistent with the feel and setting of its source. There are quite a few elements that go into creating a consistent and appropriate design, but for now we will touch on the major ones: color, font, and imagery. Color […]


Valuing Your Own Work

As an artist, it’s very important that you actually enjoy and appreciate the content you create. I know it sounds like something that should be obvious to anyone, but most artists have something they’ve made that they were never satisfied with. Even the greatest artists can think of a few things they would have done […]


Photoshop Filters

Photoshop is a very powerful tool for editing images and altering their appearance. One of the quickest and easiest ways to drastically change how an image looks is to apply a “filter”. Photoshop comes preloaded with several different filters to choose from, some better than others. While these filters are easy to apply and manipulate, […]