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Working on your own is very different than working in an office space, and it comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Many of these advantages and disadvantages can be created or avoided, and it’s entirely up to you. Since you control your own work environment, everything is dependent on your decisions. You can make it the best workplace you can imagine, or you can harm your own productivity with numerous distractions.


Our computers and the internet are incredibly powerful tools that can help us accomplish wonderful things. Unfortunately, like most things they can be both useful and detrimental to actually getting work done. Tabs are fantastic tools for multitasking while on the web and gathering information and resources from several places simultaneously. They are also an easy source of distraction for those who have less than optimal willpower to stick to the task at hand. I can think of a dozen times or more that I’ve opened up a tab to watch a funny video or look up some unrelated news post while I should’ve been working on an assignment. Keeping this in check is up to the individual and their own self-control or lack thereof. To read a post that further elaborates on this topic, click here.

With great power, comes great responsibility

Unlike other workspaces, a personal home work environment allows you to control everything. You can adjust the lighting, sound, and general comfort of your space. You can work while wrapped in your favorite blanket if you choose. However, the most important adjustable quality is productivity. You should strive to create an environment that allows you to get the most work done. After all, work is the whole reason you have a workspace. Some people may work better when the lights are low or off, while low lighting may cause others to fall asleep. Some may find music helpful to listen to while working, while others may prefer an ultra-quiet environment. It’s all about what works best for getting your best work. It’s easy to sit here and talk about how great it could be, but ultimately it comes down to personal motivation and determination, something that’s a bit more dynamic than just altering a physical workspace.

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